Pier pressure for Inishowen

Leenan Pier in Inishowen.
Leenan Pier in Inishowen.

The heavy winds and pummelling winter weather of recent weeks have created further hazardous conditions at Inishowen’s piers.

A number of piers across the peninsula need urgent repair works undertaken “immediately” with the situation worsening in recent months.

One of the worst affected is Leenan Pier. Fishermen are still unable to tie their boats there months after insurance companies refused to cover them as it is in such a state of disrepair.

Inishowen Councillor Martin McDermott held a meeting with fishermen and Council officials at the pier on Friday.

He said the pier needs to be extended “at an angle” in order for fishermen to be able to return there and the Council have agreed to submit an application to the department for funding for an extension to the pier.

Welcoming this, Councillor McDermott said more funding needs to be put in place to complete and undertake works at piers across the peninsula and the county.

He said: “There are so many piers which aren’t in great shape.

“You have Glengad and Malin Head, among others and there are a couple in Buncrana which need dredging. We’re dealing with people’s livelihoods and safety here. More money needs to be put in the council budget for these measures.

“One million euro was allocated last yeaer for the upkeep of all piers in Donegal. That’s not enough.”