Pipe bomb carried to safety by Strabane community worker

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A Strabane community worker who removed a pipe bomb from the windscreen of a car earlier this week said he did so to avoid the disruption a security alert would have brought.

Paul Gallagher was speaking after a man and his two young sons discovered the device in the Springhill park area of the town on Monday morning.

Mr Gallagher said he carried the device (pictured below) to waste ground to avoid the street being closed off by the PSNI and British army.

“I was contacted after it was found and looked at it and saw that the fuze had been lit but gone out so I carried it to waste ground to prevent, as we have seen in the past, the area being closed off, possibly for days,” he said.

Mr Gallagher also said he believes individuals were responsible for planting the device. “This was done by individuals rather than any organisation, indeed, organisations have made it known that they were not involved,” the Strabane community worker said.