Pipes highlight big drug use problem

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Drug use is a “big problem” in Greysteel, according to a local councillor who has described the discovery of two improvised pipes over the weekend as a worrying development.

Sinn Féin councillor Dermot Nicholl said he was disgusted after the drugs paraphernalia were dumped near the community centre in the village.

He said the make-shift pipes could easily have been picked up by young children playing in the area.

“Local people came across two devices, which would be used for taking drugs, next to the community centre. This is worrying on a number of levels,” he said.

“The people using these are brazen enough to do it in a public area with little concern for who may see them.

“There is also the chance young children could have found these and injured themselves,” blasted the Sinn Féin representative.

Colr. Nicholl said that although the items have now been disposed of, their retrieval indicated a growing issue in the North Derry area.

“Drug use is a big problem in Greysteel just like most areas now unfortunately. I would encourage anyone who is having problems beating addictions to seek help and for parents to be conscious of their children’s whereabouts and what they are doing.”

The representative claimed a multi-agency approach was needed to tackle the problem.

“Drugs are unfortunately ruining families.

“The residents who brought this to my attention have disposed of the items and I would appeal to anyone with information on drug use and other anti-social behaviour in the village to bring it to Crimestoppers.”