Plan to replace park and ride bus shelter

The car park at Drumahoe following the floods in August. (Photo by Kelvin Boyes  / Press Eye.)
The car park at Drumahoe following the floods in August. (Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.)

Translink has confirmed that it is in the process of considering options for a larger bus shelter at Drumahoe following concerns over a replacement.

SDLP MLA for Foyle, Mark H Durkan, has called on the statutory agencies to erect a new bus shelter at the park and ride facility used by commuters, after the previous one was destroyed in the August floods

Mr. Durkan said: ‘’This park and ride is very busy despite the damage caused by the flooding and the controversy that has created around this site. Every day hundreds of people park here and hop on a bus to Belfast or elsewhere. This reduces commuters’ carbon footprint and we need to invest more in schemes such as this and improved rail services to cut down the number of cars on our roads.

“The flood also destroyed the bus shelter here and that has yet to be replaced. The fact that there is no shelter for people as they are standing waiting on the bus is leaving them exposed to the elements as they do so. The result is ,particularly at this time of year, people are getting drenched and then having to sit in wet clothes the whole way to Belfast. The risk of this happening is actually putting people off using this park and ride.”

Mr. Durkan said he has shared his concerns with Translink and other authorities. “I expect to see action in the near future,” he said, adding: “If we are to reduce the environmental impact of so many people having to travel to Belfast for work ,we need more jobs here - that is why as Environment Minister, I established a North West headquarters at Ebrington,decentralising civil service jobs. We must also maximise comfort and convenience for commuters and re-erecting this shelter strikes me as a simple step towards doing so.”

A Translink spokesperson said: “We are currently working with ‘Clear Channel’ on a replacement bus shelter for Drumahoe. New designs are being considered for a larger bus shelter than was in place previously.”