Plans for public access defibrillators

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Plans for the installation of public access defibrillators in Derry city centre have been brought before Derry City Council’s Environmental Services Committee.

These plans have been welcomed by SDLP councillor Mark O’Donnellwho said, “It is a fact that for every minute that goes past without de-fibrillation during a sudden cardiac arrest the survival rate of patients decreases by 10% if you take the NI Ambulance service’s target response time for category A calls as 8 minutes you can see that in some cases the chances of survival for a patient will have seriously diminished before professional help has arrived.”

“By having these defibrillators on scene bystanders will be able to provide vital intervention and radically improve a patients chances of survival, the defibrillators can only be accessed via a pin code provided when the emergency services are called and they can be easily used with the guidance of an operator.”

“I welcome the plans brought forward by the city centre manager and Derry City Council to have these defibrillators installed. They will improve the safety of people within our city centre while also relieving some of the burden on our pressured Emergency Services staff”