Plans for Record Store Day at Cool Discs with Lee Mason

Lee Mason.
Lee Mason.

Record Store Day will return to Derry on April 19 with an exciting line up of events for vinyl lovers.

This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances.

Lee Mason of Cool Discs Music, Foyle Street is looking forward to a day of celebration and to supporting an important cause. Cool Discs is the only independent record store in Derry.

“Record Store Day (RSD) is a yearly celebration of local independent record stores. It began seven years ago in America and it’s now massive all over the world. They release small quantities of vinyl for that day. Stores can only participate if they have this product. There are over 600 releases this year; Doris Day, Nirvana, Soundgarden, there really is something for everyone.”

Exclusive 2014 content can be browsed on Lee will order as much as he is permitted from this list.

“Cool Discs will be open from 8am on Saturday April 19. The vinyl is first come first served. The rules are you can’t order online or reserve anything. You have to actually come into the shop.

“We will have live music from 2pm. And all day there will be free raffles, goodies such as tickets if you spend over £35, and we will be giving away a record player.”

Record store day will continue on from Cool Discs to the Guildhall on Saturday night. Four bands will be playing from 8pm. Lee has decided to dedicate the proceeds to the Alzheimers Society.

It’s a cause close to Lee’s heart, his mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and has recently had several health scares. She has ‘bounced back’ but he describes it as having a loved one with the disease often being a ‘living grieving.’ And he would like to help towards the fight against this disease.

Tickets will be £10, and buy four get one free. There will be a big announcement soon about what bands are playing, and tickets will be available from Cool Discs.

But a records, vinyls still popular? Do people buy them for the novelty but not play them?

“People do play them! Sales of vinyl have risen 30% in the last year. Record players were a common present at Christmas. We’ve noticed in the shop a lot of kids buying vinyl. Most of them come with a download code, and you get extras that you don’t get with CDs. Vinyl is pressed in limited quantities. Getting the first pressing can be a big deal. They become an instant collector’s item.

“Vinyl is more of a commitment to the artist. And of course it has a much richer and purer sound.”

Check the Journal for announcements about the gig in support of Alzheimer’s Society on April 19.