Playhouse captioned performances ahead

A number of forthcoming productions at Derry’s playhouse will be captioned performances as part of an initiative to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing enjoy live theatre.

Captions are similar to television subtitles. The actors’ words appear on a screen by the stage at the same time as they are spoken or sung. Sound effects and speaker names are also shown.

If strong accents, hearing loss or laughter over the lines puts you off theatre, then try captioning and you need never miss a word. Captioning also complements the theatre’s loop system, which works when hearing aids are switched to the ‘T’ position.

Forthcoming Playhouse productions which will be captioned include ‘Sea Lavender’ on Saturday, October 12, ‘The Clearing’ on Friday 15th November and ‘Twinkletoes, Mustn’t Forget High Noon, Christine’ on Thursday 12th December.

Sea Lavender by Derry-born writer/director, Andy Hinds, is an acclaimed play set during the 1689 Siege of Derry. Two men on different sides of the conflict form a deeply affecting, surprising bond that overcomes their enmity.

‘The Clearing’is set during the Irish transplantation when all settlers who fought against the Commonwealth were to be dispossessed. Robert, an English Protestant and his wife Mary, a fiery Irish Catholic find their lives threatened. An emotional roller-coaster of love, betrayal, power and class.

‘Twinkletoes,Mustn’t Forget High Noon, Christine’ is three monologues by Irish author Jennifer Johnston in response to The Troubles.A best friend shot by the IRA; a husband’s violent death; a wife of a top IRA prisoner looked up to by her community. Three talestold by one of Ireland’s best writers.

You need not do anything to use captions at any of these performances, but it is best to check with Playhouse Box Office so they can advise which seats best suit your needs.To book, contact The Playhouse Phone: 028 71 268 027Online: Email: