Poem penned in memory of ‘legend’ Cathal

Cathal Donaghy. (3105BM20)
Cathal Donaghy. (3105BM20)

Pupils and staff at a Co Derry school are today remembering a special former pupil a month after his sudden tragic death in a road accident.

Cathal Donaghy from Craigbane, died after he was hit by a vehicle in Newtownstewart, County Tyrone, while on a night out with friends.

The 16 year-old Gaelic footballer, who played for his local club, Craigbane GAC, was a student at St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s College, Claudy.

Tributes poured in for the popular teenager who was “full of promise”, said the school principal, Mr Jack McCauley.

One of his fellow pupils has penned a special poem in Cathal’s memory to co-incide with his Month’s Mind.

Mr McCauley said: “The news of Cathal Donaghy’s death was a message that shocked, saddened and stunned all who knew him in his school community of St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s College, Claudy. We lost a young person who was a very popular and much loved friend to his classmates and we have tried, as a result, to make sense of an aspect of life that is so difficult to understand. Why did Cathal die in such a tragic manner and at such a young age? This accident has torn Cathal from his family, his many friends and the school community at a time when he was most full of life, energy, promise and laughter. One of his fellow students, Aoife Canning, has expressed for all of us the sense of loss and deep sorrow experienced by his school community.”

Endless rows of people, tears streaming down their face,

A young legend has fallen, such tragedy, such disgrace.

As his coffin is carried along the street everyone begins to break down,

There’s so much love and respect for him within this small, quiet town.

His family’s hearts are broken, Cathal is really gone,

But you see, he’ll never really leave as his memory constantly lives on.

He’s the laughter of his classmates, the cool Irish rain,

The noise of moving tractors and the lurking silence of pain.

I didn’t know him well, but to know of him at all I feel is a blessing,

He was funny, legendary and, of course, he was daring, and everyone knows he was happiest when he was messing.

A lot of things Cathal was, a friend, a brother, a pupil and a son

No-one would have wished this upon him,

His life taken away before it’s even begun.

Everyone loved Cathal dearly, he was simply one of the best

And this tragedy we face before us, has put our faith to the test.

I know it’s hard at this moment in time, to imagine all of the happy things,

But try to remember that Cathal’s in Heaven, probably being treated like a king!

As I write this, tears now gather, my stomach starts to feel sick,

The question playing relentlessly in my mind, “Why was it Cathal that God picked?”

But God only takes the best you see and with Cathal, he’s clearly struck gold,

So I ask you not to feel saddened, as love for him everyone will forever hold.

He was truly a legend, one of a kind, a person that everyone did love

And I know that he’s watching down and smiling from God’s Kingdom above!

By Aoife Canning

Year 10

May 2013.