Police attacked during security alert

PSNI warning
PSNI warning

Police have come under attack during a security alert in Strabane on Tuesday morning.

Paint bombs and bits of masonry were thrown at officers during the operation in the Ballycolman estate.

Police announced that the security alert had ended shortly after 7am.

A PSNI spokesman said: “Army Technical Officers have finished at the scene and a suspicious vehicle located in the area has been declared nothing untoward.

“A number of homes were evacuated during the incident and it is believed that two controlled explosions were carried out.”

He added: “A number of paint bombs and masonry were thrown at police during the operation, but no one is believed to have been injured.”

SDLP Strabane Councillor Patsy Kelly said up to 20 families from the estate were evacuated from their homes after reports of a suspect car abandoned close to the pharmacy in the area.

“This was a major security alert which caused serious disruption for up to 20 families,” Colr. Kelly said. “People in Strabane have had enough disruption through the years, and they’re fed up with it. They deserve to be able to sleep at peace in their homes without this unnecessary and unwanted disruption.”

Sinn Fein MLA Michaela Boyle meanwhile said: “Families in the Ballycolman once again bear the brunt of yet another ‘security alert.’

“Car abandoned in built up residential area adjacent to play area and whatever squalid little activity those who left it there were involved in, little do they care for the disruption and anguish they have caused within this community. Local people are angry and rightly so.”