Police crackdown on dodgy cold callers


Police in Derry have launched a new campaign aimed at showing doorstep crime the door.

The campaign aims to deter those who prey on householders for criminal or dishonest purposes and remind residents of the importance of saying ‘no’ to cold callers.

Residents involved in the campaign will be able to display stickers on their doors indicating that ‘cold callers’ are not welcome.

CPO Mandy Monteith said: “Not all cold callers to your door will be criminals; however, we hope that the stickers and leaflets will provide an extra layer of protection for residents, and discourage unofficial traders who may overcharge an unsuspecting householder for poor quality work, or work that is never completed at all.”

Locals are advised that packs with No Cold Calling stickers and leaflets, developed in association with Trading Standards, are available from Crime Prevention Officers.

The ‘No Cold Calling’ window stickers can be placed on doors and windows to make cold callers aware that they are not welcome.

“The sticker also has a contact number to report any callers who ignore the warning to police and Trading Standards.

“Rogue trading and its links to burglary can have a significant impact on the vulnerable and elderly within our communities. ‘No cold calling’ zones can dissuade and deter those intent on criminality and enable individuals to say no and report any concerns.”

David Livingstone, Head of the Trading Standards Service, commented: “Rogue doorstep traders target the most vulnerable in our society.

“The Trading Standards Service is therefore delighted to be joining forces with the PSNI in both protecting those citizens who are most at risk, and in bringing the doorstep criminals to justice.”

If you are interested in making your home a no cold calling zone or would like more information, please contact your local crime prevention officer on the non emergency police telephone number 101.