Police criticised for parking in disabled bay

Police parking in a disabled bay in Limavady
Police parking in a disabled bay in Limavady

Police parking in a disabled bay in Limavady have been criticised by the local Chamber of Commerce President.

The police van was spotted parked in the disabled bay on Main Street on Wednesday morning.

Roe Valley Chamber of Commerce President David Brewster said: “This is hardly the example the PSNI should be setting, particularly at Christmas when disabled drivers and their passengers need these spaces to access the shops. Hopefully the Chief Constable will come down hard on these officers and educate them in obeying the road traffic regulations which the rest of us are expected to obey.”

A PSNI spokesperson said: “The Police Service expects its staff to behave in a professional manner at all times. Police vehicle exemptions for restricted parking areas are only in place for officers on official police business and/or emergency calls. If a member of the public has concerns about police vehicles in restricted parking areas they should contact their nearest station in the first instance so that enquiries can be progressed immediately to determine the reason for the vehicle being parked in the area and then identity of the officers. Furthermore, if anyone is unhappy with police actions the office of the Police Ombudsman can also be contacted.”