14 candidates have put their names on the ballot for the Assembly election

Derry goes to the polls today to elect five citizens to represent the people of the city on the seventh Stormont Assembly since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

The full list of candidates in Foyle in alphabetical order is as follows: Pádraig Delargy (Sinn Féin), Emmet Doyle (Aontú), Mark H. Durkan (SDLP), Ciara Ferguson (Sinn Féin), Rachael Ferguson (Alliance), Gillian Hamilton (Green), Shaun Harkin (People Before Profit), Anne McCloskey (Independent), Ryan McCready (UUP), Colly McLaughlin (IRSP), Sinéad McLaughlin (SDLP), Gary Middleton (DUP), Elizabeth Neely (TUV) and Brian Tierney (SDLP).

Who is eligible to vote at the NI Assembly election?

All persons who are: Listed on the electoral register; at least 18 years of age on May 5 2022; Irish, British, European Union and qualifying Commonwealth citizens.

The election count gets under way on Friday.

What ID do I need to bring to vote?

An Irish, UK or EEA driving licence (photographic part) (provisional accepted); an Irish, UK or EU passport (or Irish Passport Card); an Electoral Identity Card; a Translink Senior SmartPass; a Translink 60+ SmartPass; a Translink War Disabled SmartPass; a Translink Blind Person’s SmartPass

The identification document does not need to be current, as long as the photograph is of a good enough likeness to allow polling station staff to confirm the identity of the holder.

How do I mark my ballot paper at this election?

On the ballot paper, mark a ‘1’ against your first preferred candidate, a ‘2’ against your second preferred candidate and so on, for as many candidates as you wish.

What facilities are available to help voters with a disability vote at this election?

The following facilities are available at polling stations to assist voters with disabilities:

a polling booth with a shelf at a height suitable for people in wheelchairs

a polling booth with extra lighting

a large print version of the ballot paper

a device with Braille (known as a selector device) to help voters mark their ballot paper

If you want to use any of these items, please tell the staff at the polling station when they give you your ballot paper. If you cannot mark the ballot paper yourself due to a disability, you can have it marked for you by a companion or by the person in charge of the polling station (the Presiding Officer).

You will need to tell the polling station staff that this is how you want to vote and why. If your companion is voting for you they will be asked to fill in a form. Your ballot paper will be marked and placed in the ballot box on your behalf.

Opening of poll

The doors to polling stations will open at 7am on Thursday morning.

Close of poll

The doors to polling stations will be closed at 10pm. If at 10pm you are in the polling station, or in a queue outside the polling station, you can still apply for a ballot paper.

When will the count be held?

The verification and count of ballot papers will begin at 8am on May 6.