Action Against Austerity protest at Council meeting

The ongoing protest by Donegal Action Against Austerity activists took a new twist when protestors yesterday entered the council chamber in Lifford and and interrupted proceedings by blowing whistles. during the meeting of the County Council.

Gardai were on duty to police the portest and the protestors were warned as to their behaviour. They’ve since been told to leave the building – or stay quietly inside the small council chamber.

It’s not been a good period for the council as councillors are still trying to complete their January meeting which had to be adjourned twice.

Protestors shouted and blew whistles forcing the meeting to be adjourned.

Spokesman Joe Murphy said the purpose of yesterday’s protest was to highlight the anger at the government’s “continued policy of attacking the living standards of ordinary people to satisfy the needs of bankers and bondholders.”

Mr Murphy went on: “These policies have led to record levels of unemployment and emigration in Donegal, and while government ministers and TD and county councillors continue to carry out this policy they cannot expect business as usual.

“With pilot water meters already being tested in some counties, and the “Property Tax” bills hitting people in a few weeks government ministers and TDs and county councillors can expect more of these protests.”

Mr Murphy said May 1st is nominated as a National Day of Civil Disobedience against the Property Tax.

As well as protests and blockades in many towns, villages and cities, they are calling on workers to come out of their workplace and support these protests, during working hours

“Remember that Revenue have the power to deduct this rotten tax from our pay packets and welfare payments. This is a step too far for any government to take and for any trade union to tolerate,” added Mr Murphy.