Anderson launches campaign in Derry

Sinn F�in MEP Martina Anderson. (0205MM15)
Sinn F�in MEP Martina Anderson. (0205MM15)

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson said electing an all-Ireland team of Sinn Féin MEPs will help make the border “irrelevant.”

Speaking at the launch of her campaign in Derry’s Waterfoot Hotel tonight, Ms Anderson said she is facing into the European Parliament election “filled with confidence.”

Ms Anderson was co-opted to the European Parliament in 2012 to replace Bairbre de Brún and is expected to retain the seat in the elections on May 22.

The MEP said a strong Sinn Féin team in Europe will help improve cross-border communications, particularly in areas like Derry and Inishowen.

“Mindful of the fact that many European cities have larger populations than the whole of Ireland and whether in Derry or Kerry, Belfast or Dublin, all our people are feeling the bite of austerity, I have no doubt that a Sinn Féin team representative of every corner of Ireland will add momentum to our agenda for change – in Europe, in Ireland and in Derry,

“While I will be working as part of an all-Ireland team I will of course be paying special attention to areas of common interest with Matt Carthy and the Donegal team in identifying projects and EU programmes that will redress the historical neglect and lack of investment in the north west.

“An all-Ireland team of MEPs will give us endless opportunities to make the border economically irrelevant as it should be, while we increase our efforts to remove it politically also,” she said.

Ms Anderson also said she will continue to campaign for the interests of Derry in Europe. “While always conscious of the fact that I represent all the people of the North, I will always keep one eye firmly focused on opportunities in Europe for Derry and the north west because I firmly believe that economic regeneration of this Region will make a massive contribution to regeneration elsewhere,” she said.

“I am looking forward to returning to Europe as part of an increased Sinn Féin team,” she added.