Calls to remove flags

Calls have been made by unionist and republican councillors to take down flags in Limavady.

A number of Union Flags remain on the Edenmore and Greystone Roads while flags, including a Tricolour, fly on the upper part of the Ballyquin Road.

DUP councillor James McCorkell said: “I have, up until now kept my silence on this matter, and I appreciate that there are some who will not agree with what I have said but, as a Unionist and as a resident of the Edenmore Road, I feel I can no longer stand by and say nothing. How this situation came about is insignificant. My message is clear, let the PSNI deal with the INLA flags on Ballyquin Road, take them down NOW and let the Unionist community deal with the flags on Edenmore Road, let’s get them down and get them down before Remembrance Sunday. I stand ready to play my part in that. It will be a real shame if they remain up over such a sombre time for so many.”

Sinn Fein councillor Anne Brolly said: People need to have respect and regard for their flag and what they represent and their symbolism. I would call for all flags to be taken down. We continue to engage with people with regard to this issue.”

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