Cusack welcomes engagement event for Strand Road car enthusiasts

SDLP Colr, Shauna Cusack.
SDLP Colr, Shauna Cusack.

SDLP Colr Shauna Cusack has expressed her support for a PSNI initiative to engage with the car enthusiasts who normally frequent Smyth’s Car Park in order to combat the issue of anti-social activity in the area.

It has been well documented that the residents surrounding Smyth’s Toy store on the Strand Road are still having to endure noise, litter and sleepless nights as a result of anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Cusack said:“I and Mark H Durkan have been working on this ongoing issue and are committed to resolving the anti-social element rather than moving it elsewhere. On the basis of this strategy the PSNI are planning an engagement event in the car park on the evening of Saturday 13th September where they plan to bring down the PSNI Mitsubishi EVO to show and will be handing out pizza and informational leaflets detailing some of the issues on the night. There will also be a raffle for some tickets for Go –Karting at the event if anyone would like to participate.”

“I have to commend Constable Steve Laverty who has pushed the event in order to build awareness of current concerns, a greater understanding of community relations and road safety issues.

Constable Laverty has said: “I’m really looking forward to engaging with the car enthusiasts of Derry. Hopefully as we build confidence and relationships within the car enthusiast fraternity, we can subsequently attempt to influence their behaviour in a positive way which benefits both the local residents and the wider community.”