Dana maintains a low profile after claims row

Presidential hopeful Dana Rosemary Scallon was maintaining a low profile yesterday following the weekend reports which rocked her bid for the Aras.

The former Eurovision winner vowed to see out the remainder of the campaign but successive polls show that the presidential candidate is languishing last in the race.

Details of the allegations which Mrs. Scallon referred to during Wednesday evenings live TV presidential debate sufaced at the weekend.

As a result of these allegations Mrs. Scallon’s brother and campaign director, John Brown, has stepped aside from the campaign. However during canvassing in Sligo and Inishowen over the weekend those close to Mrs. Scallon stated they hoped he would return to the fold soon.

Dana canvassed in Burt on Saturday where she posed for photographs with their successful Junior Championship winning side.

Low result

A Red C Poll conducted on behalf of the Sunday Business Post reported that Mrs. Scallon had only 2% of the vote.

Despite the fall in popularity Ms. Scallon is understood to be preparing for the final ten days of the campaign.

A number of papers over the weekend carried reports concerning alleged historic sexual abuse within Dana’s wider family circle.

When contacted for a comment by The Journal yesterday Dana’s PR team said only; “Unfortunately this will not be possible today.”

No other comment was made.

The allegations were first said to have surfaced during a 2008 US courtroom battle. They have been denied.

As media outlets continued to cover the allegations, Mrs. Scallon told reporters yesterday: “My mother always said ‘Stand up for what you believe to be right, no matter what the cost.

Come back

“I hope the people of this country see that I have the determination and strength to come back, that I know the people of this country have, to protect our right as a sovereign nation,our constitution and our values.”

To compound Dana’s woes, her campaign was forced to apologise to fellow candidate Martin McGuinness after one of her supporters verbally attacked him in Letterkenny.

The incident occurred following Sunday Mass at St. Eunan’s, Letterkenny. Mr McGuinness ws preparing to meet voters outside St. Eunan’s Cathedral when he was approached and criticised by the Dana supporter. Shocked Dana handlers were forced to approach the man and tell him to calm down.

Sinn Fein have sought to play down the incident also.