Derry-Strabane: Final local authority election round-up

A total of 20 candidates will seek nine seats on Nenagh MDC
A total of 20 candidates will seek nine seats on Nenagh MDC

In all over seven District Electoral Areas (DEA) in the newly amalgamated Derry-Strabane District Council candidates contested 40 seats. In the end the results showed that Sinn Fein, for the first time will hold a majority in the City’s Guildhall taking over that position from the SDLP who have held that mantle for decades.

Over all the make-up of the new council which will take effect on April 1, 2015 will be as follows:

Sinn Fein 16 seats

SDLP.....10 seats

DUP.......8 seats

UUP.......2 seats

Ind........4 seats

Foyleside DEA (Nine candidates contested five seats) Quota: set at 1,062

SDLP........2 seats

Sinn Fein...2 seats

Ind......... 1 seat

Elected: John Boyle-SDLP (1,132 First Count)

Shauna Cusack-SDLP (976 Fifth Count)

Eric McGinley-Sinn Fein (1,125 Fourth Count)

Michael Cooper-Sinn Fein (1,155 Fourth Count)

Darren O’Reilly-Indepedent(1,091 First Count)

Eliminated: Daniel Comer-Alliance Party (137 First Count)

Rory Farrell-SDLP (842 Fifth Count)

Sha Gillespie-People Before Profit Alliance (232 First Count)

Barney O’Hagan-Sinn Fein (323 Third Count)

Ballyarnett DEA (Nine candidates contested six seats) Quota: set at 1,099

Sinn Fein...3 seats

SDLP........2 seats


Elected: Angela Dobbins-SDLP (1,155 First Count)

Sandra Duffy-Sinn Fein (1,163 First Count)

Tony Hasson-Sinn Fein (1,101 Second Count)

Elisha McCallion-Sinn Fein (1,062 Fifth Count)

Brian Tierney-SDLP (1,424 Fifth Count)

Dermot Quigley-Ind (1,176 Fifth Count)

Eliminated: Danny McCloskey-Alliance Party (139 First Count)

Colm O’Connor-SDLP ( 617 First Count)

Jimmy Carr- Ex-SDLP (690)

The Moor DEA (Nine candidates contested five seats) Quota: set at 1,143

Sinn Fein.....3 seats

SDLP.........1 seat


Elected: Kevin Campbell-Sinn Fein (1,149 Third Count)

Sean Carr-SDLP (1,080 Sixth Count)

Gary Donnelly-Ind (1,154 First Count)

Colly Kelly-Sinn Fein (1,314 Fourth Count)

Patricia Logue-Sinn Fein (1,261 Fifth Count)

Eliminated: Emmett Doyle-SDLP (962 Sixth Count)

Liam Friel-Sinn Fein (665 Third Count)

Dermott Henderso-SDLP (556 Second Count)

Patrick Mellon-Ind (113 First Count)

Waterside DEA (15 candidates contested seven seats) Quota: set at 1,105

Elected: Gerard Diver-SDLP (1,121 Second Count)

Mary Hamilton-UUP (1,166 Fifth Count)

Christopher Jackson-Sinn Fein (1,086 Tenth Count)

Hilary McClintock-DUP (861 Eleventh Count)

David Ramsey-DUP (588 Eleventh Count)

Martin Reilly-SDLP (1,020 Tenth Count)

Drew Thompson-DUP (642 Eleventh Count)

Eliminated: Michael Carlin-Ind (113 First Count)

Nigel Gardiner-PUP (288 Fourth Count)

Julia Kee-UUP (508)

Asta Kerevicene-Alliance Party (246 Third Count)

Niree McMorris-DUP (557 Eighth Count)

Bridget Meehan-Sinn Fein (674 Ninth Count)

David Malcolm-UKIP (225 Second Count)

Kyle Thompson-UKIP (514 Sixth Count)

Sperrin DEA (12 candidates contested seven seats) Quota: set at 1,261

Sinn Fein...3



Elected: Allan Bresland-DUP-(1,443 Third Count)

Karina Carlin-Sinn Fein (1,178 Eighth Count)

Paul Gallagher-Ind (1,002 Ninth Count)

Rhonda Hamilton-DUP (1,408 Fourth Count)

Dan Kelly-Sinn Fein (1,023 Ninth Count)

Patsy Kelly-SDLP (923 Sixth Count)

Brian McMahon-Sinn Fein (974 Sixth Count)

Eliminated: William Jamieson-UUP (589 Second Count)

Patrick Leonard-SDLP (639 Fifth Count)

Eugene McMenamin-Ind (747 Seventh Count)

Liam Stewart-SDLP (185 First Count)

Diarmuid Ward-Sinn Fein (977 Ninth Count)

Derg DEA (Nine candidates contested five seats) Quota: set at 1,268

UUP.....1 seat

DUP.....1 seat

Sinn Fein...3 seats

Elected: Derek Hussey-UUP (1,411 First Count)

Thomas Kerrigan-DUP (1,313 First Count)

Kieran McGuire-Sinn Fein (1,149 Fifth Count)

Maolisa McHugh-Sinn Fein (1,101 Fifth Count)

Ruairi McHugh-Sinn Fein (1,138 Fifth Count)

Eliminated: Marie Ash-SDLP (413 Second Count)

Jim McIntyre-SDLP (642 Fourth count)

Robert Oliver-TUV (557 Third Count)

Sharon Smyth-DUP (935 Fifth Count)

Faughan DEA (Eleven candidates contested five seats) Quota: set at 1,054


Sinn Fein....1


Elected: Maurice Devenney-DUP (1,091 Fourth Count)

Paul Fleming-Sinn Fein (1,195 Fifth Count)

Gus Hastings-SDLP (561 Ninth Count)

Jim McKeever-SDLP (591 Ninth Count)

Gary Middleton-DUP (1,077 First Count)

Eliminated: Geoff Cruickshank-UKIP (185 First Count)

David Hawthorne-Alliance Party (345 Eighth Count)

Paul Hughes-Ind (552 Eighth Count)

Michael McCrossan-Sinn Fein (365 Fourth Count)

Ronnie McKeegan-UUP (669 Ninth Count)

Brenda Stevenson-SDLP (533 Seventh Count)