Derry-Strabane ‘super council’ plan moves closer with report

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A Derry - Strabane super council has moved a step closer with the publication of a report that recommends the make-up and names of the new District Electoral Areas (DEAs).

DEA commissioner Richard Mackenzie’s report details the 11 new local authorities that will replace the existing 26.

The new Derry-Strabane council will have a total electorate of 104,749 and will comprise of seven district electorate areas and a total of 40 wards.

Each ward represents one seat on council.

“These proposals are an essential part of the electoral arrangements for the new councils and so I hope that as many people as possible will take the opportunity to comment on them,” Mr Mackenzie said.

“I am particularly interested to hear the views of local people where there are significant changes in the overall pattern of electoral areas.”

The recommendations are now subject to an eight week consultation.