Derry support for McGurk’s bar justice campaign

A Derry councillor has said legacy mechanism’s agreed at Stormont House five years ago need to be implemented to help the families of victims, such as those murdered in the McGurk’s Bar massacre in 1971 get truth and jusitce.

Saturday, 22nd June 2019, 9:00 pm
Updated Saturday, 22nd June 2019, 10:00 pm

Sinn Féin Councillor Tina Burke made the call after viewing a screening of ‘McGurk’s Bar Bombing - Loss of Innocence’ which details the UVF massacre of 15 innocent people in a bomb attack on the pub between the New Lodge and Sailortown in Belfast on December 4, 1971.

“Its very important that the screening of this film took place in Derry and that people in the city and district are made aware of the this very important campaign in support of the McGurk family’s search for truth and justice.

“It’s a scandal and hard to believe that these families are trying to get answers nearly 50 years on from this terrible event. It is wrong and unacceptable that families have to campaign to get access to the truth five years after the two governments agreed legacy mechanisms at Stormont House,” she said.

The screening, facilitated by the Bloody Sunday Trust on the ninth anniversary of the publication of the Saville report, was attended by Robert McClenaghan of the McGurk’s Bar remembrance committee and justice campaign who took part in a questions and answers session in the Museum of Free Derry following the screening last Friday.

Colr. Burke said it was time for the British Government to live up to its commitments under the Stormont House Agreement and provide truth and justice to the McGurk families.

“Since [Stormont House] the British government has stalled and delayed the legislation to give effect to these mechanisms. That stalling must end, the cover up on the British state’s role in the conflict must end. The British government has a responsibility to implement the Stormont House Agreement, fund the legacy inquests and ensure the Police Ombudsman’s office has adequate resources.

“The families of the victims deserve no less,” she said.