‘Don’t blame the victims’

Sinn Féin councillor Colly Kelly has said people on benefits are being “demonised” and blamed for the economic downturn.

Colr. Kelly claimed the Conservatives in Britain are regularly tackling those on benefits.

The Sinn Féin colr. said: “In recent weeks, we have seen a relentless campaign by the Tory party to attack the benefits system at every opportunity, with daily front pages stories, TV programmes and media sound bites.”

Colr. Kelly called for an immediate end to the attacks.

“In many cases it has been open season by sections of the right wing press in Britain to demonise people who are entitled to benefits as somehow being to blame for the current economic crisis.

“It’s very easy to pick on the disabled, the single mothers and the low paid, but at the same time avoid tackling the fat-cat bankers and city traders who have left everyone in this current financial crisis. The demonising of people who receive some of benefits needs to stop.”