Drumsurn road concerns for residents

Sinn Féin councillor Brenda Chivers has urged Roads Service to install traffic calming measures along the main road in Drumsurn village.

“I have requested that Roads Service look into the possibility of further traffice calming measures on the Limavady side of Drumsurn village. I have also once again requested that street lights are placed on the Drumsurn road from the 30mph sign right up to the chapel,” she said.

Colr. Chivers has also urged Roads Service to grit the Kilhoyle Road in the village during the winter as children have to cross this road on their way to school “and this could be very dangerous in times of icy conditions,” she said.

“These are issues I have raised at every opportunity throughout the years only to be told, time and again, that they do not meet the criteria but, I can assure the local community, I will not give up on these issues and will continue to campaign on the issues until they are delivered.”

Speaking at a recent Limavady Borough Council meeting with representatives of the Roads Service, Colr. Chivers said every year she raises the issue of Kilhoyle Road and getting it salted. She said parents of children who have to use the road for school are frightened someone could be seriously injured or killed if action isn’t taken to make the road safe in the snow and ice.

“Before some child is killed can it not be put on the schedule?” she asked, adding each time she raises the issue she is told the road doesn’t meet the criteria.

A spokesperson from Roads Service said he appreciated it was a “very emotive issue” but said it didn’t matter if the road was on a bus route and that the resources were not available.