DTUC running bus to Stormont mass mobilisation against cost of living crisis

The Derry Trades Union Council is urging people to rally at Stormont for a mass mobilisation against the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Local trade unionists are encouraging local workers to take part in the Irish Council of Trade Unions (ICTU) protest on Saturday, June 25, at noon at the main gate at Stormont.

DTUC will be running a bus from Foyle Street Bus Depot at 9.45am, travelling direct to Stormont.

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This bus is free of charge and will return to Derry immediately after the rally. DTUC says it has organised the bus to give anyone who wants to attend the ICTU led rally an opportunity to do so.

Rally to take place at Stormont on June 25.

DTUC chair Niall McCarroll said: "Any worker who has witnessed their take home pay reduce in value, then there's a place on the bus for you. If you are on the NHS waiting list for a medical procedure then you can sit beside these workers.

"Struggling due to cuts to your benefits? If you believe childcare and school meals should be free, then this is also the bus for you; a classroom assistant still waiting for your £500 recognition payment, struggling under rising fuel and food costs, anyone against the privatisation of public services; are you on the housing wait list? Then join us in solidarity as we mobilise and join others from across the country who all deserve better from our political system. It's time we were heard."

The bus is open to anyone but seats must be booked in advance via the DTUC Facebook page.