DUP: Limavady Councillor expresses thanks for campaign help

A total of 20 candidates will seek nine seats on Nenagh MDC
A total of 20 candidates will seek nine seats on Nenagh MDC

The DUP Deputy Mayor of Limavady has spoken of his deep pride and honour at having been elected to the new Causeway Coast & Glens District Council in the recent elections. Councillor James McCorkell said he was overwhelmed by the support and the increased mandate he had received in the election and vowed to provide a strong, coherent and effective voice for Limavady on the new Council, along with his newly elected DUP colleague and poll topper Councillor Alan Robinson.

Councillor McCorkell said he wanted to thank every single person who had given him a vote in the election. “I am aware that people from every walk of life from across the new Limavady DEA have supported me in this election, and I will not let any one of them down in the next five years and I will be there for all constituents. I consider it a privilege and an honour to be given the opportunity which the electorate has handed me” said Councillor McCorkell.

He went on to thank his election agent David Gilmore and his small campaign team of canvassers and volunteers who had helped secure victory. “I want to thank everyone who has helped in any way, without them, the win would not have been possible” he said. He also paid tribute to his fellow DUP Councillor, Alan Robinson who will join him in representing the DUP on the new Council. He described the huge personal vote of 1451 first preferences which Alan received as testament to his hard work and commitment since he was first elected to Limavady Borough Council in 2005.

Councillor McCorkell also commiserated with DUP candidates Councillor Edgar Scott and Jonathan Holmes who had failed by very small margins to secure election. He said that Edgar had done exemplary work on the ground in dozens of constituency matters in the Benbradagh DEA and said it was bitterly disappointing that he had missed out. While he congratulated all other candidates elected, he said that he was sad that his good friend Jonathan Holmes had failed to secure a third seat for the DUP in Limavady DEA.

He said that the results from the election clearly showed that Unionists could in future years add to their tally of seats in both Limavady DEAs, a few extra votes in Benbradagh could see TWO Unionists elected instead of one and a few extra in Limavady could see FOUR Unionists elected in the future in place of two. The message from this election is clear – if Unionists in Limavady come out to vote, we can have a larger majority on Causeway Coast & Glens District Council.

“I look forward to joining an excellent and experienced DUP team on the new Council where I will continue speaking up for Limavady along with Alan.” said Councillor McCorkell, “For now however, the work for Limavady continues...”