Durkan congratulates Speaker on Lords appointment

SDLP MP, Mark Durkan.
SDLP MP, Mark Durkan.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has offered his congratulations to Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly William Hay following his appointment to the House of Lords.

“I am glad to offer warm personal congratulations to William Hay on the news of his appointment to the House of Lords.”

“As a constituency and former councillor colleague Willie has always been good to work with. Whatever pointed political differences might exist, William Hay is one of those who has found a civic minded basis for doing political business.”

“His fair and effective tenure as Assembly Speaker will understandably be cited for conferring his appointment but in Derry we know that he will bring other qualities, experiences and civic spirit to his new role.”

“At a personal level Willie Hay was the one person I confided in when we were negotiating and planning for the transfer of the Ebrington site and he honoured that confidence with his constructive, responsible approach. I can speak in similar vein about engagement on the issue of parades and shared space. “

“One doesn’t have to agree with the House of Lords as an institution or with Willie’s detailed politics to graciously acknowledge that his appointment will be humbly received as a personal honour by a personable and honourable public servant.”