Durkan presses Cameron on fight against world hunger

Derry’s MP has questioned the British Prime Minister on his efforts to stop the EU “compromising” the fight against world hunger.

Speaking on World Food Day, SDLP MP Mark Durkan registered his deep concern that millions of people in developing countries are going hungry as a direct result of arable land being used to plant biofuel cash crops instead of food crops.

He said: “Today is world food day. The Prime Minister embraced the IF(Enough Food) campaign, including the need to cut pseudo-green biofuel mandates, which in effect hijack food productivity for the world’s poor for fuel consumption by the rich.

“Today the EU presidency is proposing a 7% cap, as opposed to the 5% cap advocated by the European Commission. That difference could feed 68 million people a year. What efforts is the Prime Minister making actively to avert EU Governments compromising the fight against world hunger?”

Prime Minister David Cameron replied:

“First, let me pay tribute to the hon. Gentleman for the campaign that he has waged on this issue. We are absolutely clear that the production of biofuels should not undermine food security, and on some occasions in some countries it clearly does. A 5% cap on biofuels made from crops was one of the key asks of the IF campaign. I support the IF campaign and pay tribute to what it did. That is exactly what we are pushing for in current EU negotiations, and I hope we will be successful.”