Election battle on for Youth Parliament

Thomas Chambers is seeking election to the UK Youth Parliament.
Thomas Chambers is seeking election to the UK Youth Parliament.

Forget the razzamatazz of the local elections, the younger generation will be quietly battling it out to become members of the Youth Parliament in the next few weeks.

The UK Youth Parliament is for 11-18 year olds who want to tackle issues facing young people in their own, local areas.

There are over 600 MYPs (Member of Youth Parliament) and they have a responsibility to serve their community of young people, being committed to and interested in all views and issues among their peer group. They are also to be trusted and looked up to for support by younger generations.

Aspiring MYP for Foyle, Thomas Chambers, explained why he wants to become the representative for the Foyle youth community.

“As a member of the Foyle Youth Council and an elected representative of my school’s student council, I have developed leadership skills and been able to listen to the various issues that the young people of the Foyle area face.

“I have strong communication skills and I have displayed a constant commitment and determination to work in the interest of the young people I represent,” he said.

“I have a deep interest in current affairs and I am interested in ensuring that Derry and its inhabitants reach their full potential. I believe that I can tackle the major issues that young people in Derry face and represent their views and concerns to a wider audience.”

Thomas is one of five young people seeking to represent the youth of Derry in the upcoming elections. Elections are open from January 30 and people are encouraged to vote for whoever they think deserves to become their representative for the UK Youth Parliament this year.