First meeting of ‘Attack The Tax’

The first ever meeting in Inishowen of “Attack the Tax” will be held in the Plaza Ballroom next Friday night, May 3rd, starting at 7p.m.

According to the organisers this is a national campaign for a ‘class action’ to challenge to the property tax in court.

Unlike Britian a group of people in this country cannot take a class action against the state or a company so in order to overcome this, “Attack the Tax” have formed a company and to become a part of the class action a person will have to become a shareholder in the company.

He added: “At no stage has anyone in Attack The Tax refused to pay this alleged Property Tax or Household Charge. We are simply challenging the validity and indeed legality, lawfulness and constitutionality of the Property Tax & Household Charge. Revenue cannot class anyone involved as a tax defaulter until such time as a Court has ruled on same. You will have full legal protection from the Revenue while you are in litigation with them over this unjust tax on your home.