‘Free Marian’ letter campaign launched

A group of Marian Price supporters have this week launched a letter writing campaign calling for her to be freed from “ongoing internment and torture.”

Marian Price has been detained in prison for 11 months after her licence was revoked by Sec. of State Owen Paterson. On February 17 she was moved to the health care centre in Hydebank as concerns for her welfare mounted.

The lobby group describe themselves as political activists who are ‘non-alligned to any political party.’

“Many of us do not even share the political beliefs held by Marian Price,” said local spokesperson Pauline Mellon. “We are seeking to highlight the case from a human rights, and lack of justice perspective. We want to hold the powers that be to account. While many of us do not support Marian’s views, we do support her right to a fair trial, due process and natural justice. her incarceration is an affront to those things and harks back to the worst days of the conflict here and none of us wish to return to any aspect of those.”the group are asking members of the public to down load a copy of the letter, sign it and post it to the Sec. of State.

The letter states that: “Marian Price, a woman desperately in need of urgent healthcare is serving a prison sentence for offences committed nearly 40 years ago, offences she was pardoned for. The pardon that could secure her release has been conveniently lost or shredded. The idea that an unelected, unaccountable English politician can over-rule the Northern Ireland judiciary and disregard the justice powers devolved to Stormont is of real concern.” Mrs. Mellon said: “Unlike decades ago we can’t point the finger of blame to Westminster. Secretary of State Owen Paterson has decided that Marian is a threat to society but two judges have granted her bail, therefore they do not agree with his assessment.”

Draft letters can be downloaded from www.freemarian.co.nr