Gregory Campbell hails The Open despite negative flag commentary from some quarters

Gregory Campbell.
Gregory Campbell.

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has hailed The Open as a huge success following Shane Lowry's victory on Sunday despite negative commentary from some quarters over the presence of the Irish tricolour and the Union Flag in and around Portrush over the weekend.

Mr. Campbell, who is the local MP for Portrush, said: "There were those who said in the run up to the spectacular that was The Open at Royal Portrush that the presence of flags was ‘offputting’ and ‘unwelcoming’, then some of the same people said the bands playing in Portrush during the evening would be ‘jarring’.

"Then when Shane Lowry (from the Irish Republic) won and some of his own fellow countrymen flew their own flag it was commented upon negatively again.

"They may not like success here in Northern Ireland but hundreds of thousands did, and enjoyed the cultural delights when they were here.
'"Bout ye Norn Irn [sic]. Here’s to more success in the future," he quipped.