Increase in train numbers required - Dallat

SDLP Regional Development spokesperson John Dallat has told the DRD minister to repeat history of 40 years ago when the number of trains going into Derry was increased.

The East Derry MLA was speaking as both the Minister and Translink’s Chief Executive Catherine Mason attended the DRD Committee 
on Wednesday.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Dallat said: “The £22m upgrade on the Coleraine-Derry section of the railway has raised expectations that at last we will have a proper inter-city 

“I wish to thank the minister for his skills in finding the money to carry out the critical work.

“However, much more needs to be done to reduce the journey time, the frequency of trains and the provision of a new terminal in Derry.

“I also asked the Translink Chief Executive Catherine Mason to match the improvement in rail travel which has happened in other parts 
of Europe.

“I know of no other country in Europe, including those that have merged from behind the Iron Curtain, where the two main cities are not connected by a decent inter-city service.

“In response, the Chief Executive pledged Translink’s commitment to providing an hourly service between Belfast and Derry by 2015.”