Inishowen NO

With Sinn Fein’s Padraig MacLochlainn stating he is ‘confident’ Inishowen will vote no to the Fiscal Stability treaty on Thursday Fine Gael’s Joe McHugh has urged people who are angry with Europe not to use the vote as an opportunity to give the government a ‘bloody nose’

A number of recent polls have indicated Donegal will vote no and Deputy McLaughlin said he had little doubt the pattern in the peninsula would be the same.

He said:“Over the past number of weeks, Sinn Féin activists have canvassed homes in every parish in Inishowen. Judging from the response we received in every area, we are confident of a rejection of the Austerity Treaty by the people of this peninsula.”

Deputy Mac Lochlainn added that he was not surprised by this response.

“The opposition to austerity by the people of Inishowen is to be expected. Austerity is forcing our young people to leave our communities in their hundreds every month. Businesses and communities facilities are closing while further cuts are being heaped on our struggling health service. Garda provision, post offices and other vital services are under threat.

“The people of this community cannot take any more of the failed policy of austerity.”

Deputy McHugh said he was only too aware of the anger out there but suggested this was time for cool heads to do what was best for the long term future of the country.

“I know there is a sense of betrayal amongst the Irish people specifically in regard to the actions of the German and French banks who broke the rules as far back as 2002 in relation to the deficit but heads did not roll.

“I know that people want to see action to get us out of the mess we are in. We all do. We have a massive debt and we need a deal. There is also a growing realisation that we need a growth stimulus package.

“This treaty is about two things and two things only - proper housekeeping in regard to our economy and having access to funds if we need them. In these difficult times it is the sensible thing to have a contigency plan.”

He concluded: “While people might want to give the government or Europe a bloody nose this is not the way to go about it.The Fiscal Treaty is one part of the solution to our problems. We need a deal on the banking debt and equal and parallel to this we need a growth strategy.

“And after years of turbulence we need stability.

“We need to vote Yes””