Kearney in talks offer to dissident republicans

Sinn F�in chairperson Declan Kearney. (0204MM10)
Sinn F�in chairperson Declan Kearney. (0204MM10)
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Sinn Féin chairperson Declan Kearney has called for a process of talks between all republicans, including dissidents.

The Claudy man made the comment at an Easter commemoration in Monaghan on Sunday.

Mr Kearney dialogue is needed with all sections of the community. “Sinn Fein’s vision for the future is of a pluralist Ireland, which guarantees the rights of all citizens; an Ireland at peace with itself and rooted in equality. Achieving that will require a new popular momentum arising from engagement, and persuasion and agreement across Irish society.

“The launch of our border Poll campaign is a contribution to a national conversation on future constitutional arrangements and economic and social models for the island.

“Dialogue with other republicans and other national democratic opinion, is an essential part of that process of engagement,” he said.

Mr Kearney also said particular effort must be made to include republicans who to not support his party. “Irish republicans share a broad ideological tradition. But not all republicans support Sinn Féin or support our strategy.

“Some have stepped back from political activism, because of disenchantment or frustration with the pace of change; or for personal reasons.

“We need to engage with other republicans, especially those who may have become disillusioned. We should not be complacent about their feelings. We should listen to their genuine concerns and criticisms and be responsive.

“Regardless of division and past differences, and how these were caused, we should actively promote ideological fraternity across republican and national democratic opinion,” he explained.

He also called for closer links with unionists and loyalists.