Martin Galvin to wear ‘England get out of Ireland’ badge in honour of Derry republican George McBrearty

New York republican Martin Galvin has vowed to wear an ‘England get out of Ireland’ badge this Sunday at the 38th anniversary commemoration of the SAS murder of IRA Volunteer George McBrearty.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 12:55 pm

Mr. Galvin has been invited by George’s family to chair the memorial event on the anniversary of his assasination alongside his comrade Charles ‘Pop’ Magurie on May 28, 1981.

He said: “This year I have been asked to wear an ‘England get out of Ireland’ badge. There is a photo of me being arrested at Free Derry Corner, alongside Martin McGuinness wearing one in 1989.

“I have been asked about those words which are carried on banners by many contingents in American St. Patrick’s Day parades and which became controversial last March. ‘England get out of Ireland’ is an expression of support for a sovereign 32 county united Ireland, but the meaning goes far deeper. The reference to England recognises that British rule from Westminster really serves English interests rather than Irish interests.

“The words are based on Wolfe Tone’s aim ‘to break the connection with England’ by ‘uniting Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter.’ Rather than attacking unionists it invites them to take equal citizenship in a united nation serving all Irish people, instead of giving allegiance to British hegemony based on sectarian privilege.

George’s brother Danny said: “Regardless of recent happenings, this commemoration and the mural stands alone and separate from any republican organisation in this city and beyond. It is a testament only to George’s memory and all of those who gave their lives to Irish freedom.”

All republicans are invited to assemble at ‘George’s Mural’ at the corner of Rathkeele Way and Rathlin Drive for the commemoration at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday, May 26.