May Day union rally in city centre tomorrow afternoon

Derry Trades Council will hold its annual May Day rally and march in the city centre tomorrow afternoon.

It will begin in Guildhall Square at 3pm and will be led by a jazz band and a troupe of local dancers.

Trades Council secretary Liam Gallagher said: “The theme of this year’s Rally is that Austerity is not working and is destroying jobs, businesses and is have a devastating effect on the old, the sick, the unemployed and communities. We have listened to the Free Market rhetoric for the last thirty years and it has destroyed our manufacturing base taking thousands of jobs from Derry particularly in textiles production. We sadly see the out-workings of the race to the bottom for bigger multi-national profit in the terrible deaths of 300 workers in Pakistan earning £40 a month in what Pope Francis rightly called slave labour.

“We are calling on workers, the unemployed, pensioners, community groups and politicians to come along and support the Trade Unions.”