McHugh, Harte ‘should speak out’

The Industrial Development Authority has ‘run up the white flag’ in regard to job creation in Donegal and has completely walked away from its responsibilities here.

Despite having the highest unemployment rate in the country and massive emigration Deputy Padraig MacLochlainn says the IDA now seems to only want to concentrate on Dublin, Galway and Cork when it comes to foreign direct investment

Speaking with the ‘Journal’ the Inishowen Sinn Fein representative said:” There have been a host of jobs announcements in recent weeks but nothing - again - for Donegal. Those in the government parties here - Deputy Joe McHugh (F.G) and Jimmy Harte (Labour) - need to be going ballistic. I know they want jobs here every bit as badly as me but it’s time they said this publicly.”

He went on: “It’s so bad now the IDA don’t even bother bringing potential investors here on site visits.

“We are definitely being shafted.”