McHugh taking to the road on campaign to get a ‘Yes’ to Seanad abolition

Fine Gael’s Connaught-Ulster Director of Elections for the Seanad abolition referendum, Joe McHugh TD, has said Fine Gael will take its campaign to abolish the Seanad on the road in the coming weeks, as part of an energetic programme of regional events for the Referendum campaign, including a series of public meetings.

Speaking this week the Donegal TD said: “Fine Gael will be leading an intensive programme of regional activity across the country in the coming weeks in a bid to communicate to as many people as possible about how abolishing the Seanad would:· Save €20 million a year; · Reduce the number of national politicians by a third; Bring us into line with best practice in other small European countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

Deputy McHugh said he was looking forward to engaging with as many people as possible across the north-west over the course of the campaign.

“Fine Gael will be mobilising its Party organisation to co-ordinate regional activity in the coming weeks, including canvassing and public events. This will be accompanied by a nationwide poster campaign.

“Social media will also play a crucial role in the campaign, and we will be maintaining a focussed presence across all online platforms. Social media is a great way of communicating our key messages, and to inform the public about some facts on the Seanad, including: It can only delay legislation, not overturn it, and the last time it did this was in 1964; It is elected by 1% of the population; 90% of Senators are chosen by other politicians”

The deputy said the Irish people are being given a simple choice on October 4th; abolish the Seanad, Yes or No?

“A Yes vote is a vote to bring Ireland into line with other small countries in Europe, to reduce the number of politicians by one third and to save €20million a year in the process.”