New safety measures at Feeny bridge

New safety measures have been installed at an accident black spot in Feeny.

DUP MLA George Robinson said new safety barriers at Aughlish Bridge, on Glenedra Road, were installed after a number of constituents had approached his office asking for his assistance; and after a series of near fatal accidents at the location, over the previous two severe winters.

“On one occasion a local resident reported, that a young woman had to be rescued by local farmers after her vehicle skidded on the hazardous road surface and crashing through the hedge at the side of the bridge and was within feet of plunging into the river below,” he said.

“Following a site visit by Edgar Scott, a member of my team at Limavady, a request was submitted to the Minister for D.R.D., seeking the installation of a Crash Barrier at that location, to prevent further incidents of a similar nature taking place in the future. I’m delighted this obvious hazard has been made safer for local residents and wished to pass on his thanks to Road Service for their quick response to his request.

“I also welcome work at Banagher to resurface the road, after it had been badly damaged by winter weather.”