'No deal today' say Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker

British prime minister, Theresa May.
British prime minister, Theresa May.

The British government has failed in its attempt to reach an agreement on the issue of the Irish border post-Brexit, it has emerged.

British prime minister, Theresa May, was in Brussels on Monday where she held negotiations with President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Mrs. May and Mr. Juncker gave statements to the media on Monday evening and neither took any questions from journalists.

"Despite best efforts it was not possible to reach a complete agreement today," said Mr. Juncker.

"We have a common understanding on most things but two or three remain open for further discussions," he added.

Mr. Juncker described the British prime minister as a "tough negotiator".

"Still confident we can reach progress before December 15."

Mrs. May said negotiations were "constructive" and confirmed her government would meet with European officials again before the end of the week.

"The negotiations were constructive and a lot of progress has been made.

"We want to move forward together.

"We will reconvene before the end of the week.!

"It's clear we want to move forward together," said Mrs. May.