Republicans have ‘no possibility’ of United Ireland - insists Campbell

East Derry MP Gregory Campbell has said republicans have “no possibility” of achieving a united Ireland.

In his New Year’s message, the DUP politician said unionists will not allow themselves to become part of what he termed, the “Irishness” of republicans.

Mr Campbell said: “Sinn Féin have no possibility of achieving their objective, they have for some time been trying to assure Unionists of their benign intentions towards us.

“Unionists must not fall into the trap of believing that it was the violence, the intolerance, the naked sectarianism of republican demands alone that makes us determined never to concede. Their Irishness, whether bathed in the blood of innocent victims in the past or covered in kindness now, can never encompass us, nor will we allow it to.”

He also said: “Sinn Féin having sufficient votes to get into Government must not mean that we become blunted in our campaigning style.”