Rioters urged to stop causing distress with anti-community disorder in Derry

John Boyle and Patricia Logue.
John Boyle and Patricia Logue.

Rioters who blocked a road and hurled over 24 petrol bombs, six paint bombs and bricks and bottles at police in Derry last night have been asked to desist.

Local councillors said the disorder caused considerable distress for local residents in the Bogside.

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue said: “Once again a very small group of people have caused another night of distress and disruption to the local community.It’s very clear residents, many of whom who are elderly do not want this happening right on their doorsteps.

“There is a major local community festival underway all week. The Gasyard Féile is being attended daily by hundreds of people that’s where everyone's energies should be."

SDLP Councillor John Boyle said: “People in Derry want to live their lives in peace, free from harassment and violence. The scenes that we’ve witnessed for three consecutive nights are a violation of the wishes of the vast majority here and it has to stop.

“There is no justification for petrol bombs, paint bombs and attacks on the police. Tensions have been running high over the course of the last few days and it’s important that we all work intensively to address that.

"There are sinister elements within this city manipulating, controlling and exploiting vulnerable young people. They have to be challenged by all of us."