SDLP: Cusack asks residents to name and shame lane-way litter louts

Colr Shauna Cusack
Colr Shauna Cusack

SDLP Derry Councillor Shauna Cusack has condemned those responsible for recklessly discarding household waste in the City’s laneways and alleys and calls on neighbours to help identify those responsible.

Cllr Cusack said: “These people have no concern or respect for their communities and neither for the health and wellbeing of their neighbours and other residents. Every week I deal with calls from angry constituents who encounter bags and bags of rubbish littering their back streets. What is more frustrating is that if the laneway is gated, then it is the responsibility of the residents and not the council to keep it clean.

“This disgusting practice has to stop, we have an excellent Cleansing Service, why can’t people just use their bins or the City dump? If it’s bulky waste a collection can be arranged through a simple phone call. It infuriates me that these thoughtless individuals show no care or concern for their areas. I would ask that residents be vigilant and if they notice anyone dumping they should inform the council. This will lead to an investigation and a hefty fine can be imposed.

“According to Derry City Council Illegal dumping is dramatically on the increase and this is putting extreme pressure on the cleansing service which in turn affects us all as ratepayers.”