Translink slammed over ‘miserly’ ad spend

Translink has informed East Derry SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat that the company spent what he termed a ‘miserly’ £1,581 on advertising and marketing the Derry-Belfast railway in the last financial year. The previous year the company spent £15,000.

“I am amazed that Translink does not have a campaign to specifically target people from the North West to use the railways. My mind boggles that this service is simply lumped in with the other services which are entirely commuter lines into Belfast.

“Perhaps I should not be surprised given recent decisions to substitute buses with trains and put back the essential upgrade to a date where it is entirely meaningless for the duration of the present assembly.

“The reality is that Translink and the Department of Regional Development have no appetite to develop the Belfast-Derry railway in the way it would have been in any other part of the world.

“The campaign by The Northern Corridor Group, which represents the seven council areas the Derry-Belfast railway travels through, needs to step up its work because it is now clear that over the last five years the group havsbeen misled badly as to what was happening in relation to its recommendations.”