Unit price required for home heating oil - Nicholl

Sinn Féin councillor Dermot Nicholl has called for the introduction of a uniform per litre price for home heating oil.

“Fuel poverty is affecting a growing number of people as family incomes fail to keep pace with increasing prices. It is unacceptable that those least able to purchase home heating oil in large quantities should then suffer the added hardship of being penalised because they can only afford small amounts,” said Councillor Nicholl.

“While not wishing to diminish competition in the industry, once a price is set, then the per litre price should be the same whether a person purchases 20 litres or 200 litres. Last year Sinn Féin promoted the voucher scheme for heating oil and coal across the Limavady Borough which has proven to be been very successful. Now we need to apply the same innovative thinking to unit price control.

“We must explore how best people on low and fixed incomes can be protected from facing penalties when accessing a range of goods and services – not only home heating oil - because of their financial status.”