Video: Gregory Campbell calls for publication of Russia intelligence report

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has said an intelligence report in alleged meddling by the Russian Federation in British politics should be published today.

Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 1:33 pm
Gregory Campbell

He claimed that if it wasn't the issue would permeate the General Election campaign over the next five weeks.

Members of the opposition called for the 50 page Intelligence and Security Committee report to be published today before the British Parliament dissolved.

"Failure to publish today [will mean that] almost every day for the next five weeks it will permeate the campaign. It can and should be avoided by publication today," said Mr. Campbell.

Minister of State for Europe and the Americas, Christopher Pincher, replying for the government, said he thought it unlikely that the matter would come up on the door steps of East Derry.

"I suspect the campaign, like most campaigns will focus on domestic issues. I'm sure he'll be fighting very hard in his constituency on matters which concern his constituents. I suspect that this won't be one of them," he said.