Video: 'I don't have to trust Boris Johnson and Boris Johnson doesn't have to trust us', says DUP man Gregory Campbell

Gregory Campbell at File an Phobail
Gregory Campbell at File an Phobail

DUP MP Gregory Campbell refused to say whether he trusted Boris Johnson or not after being asked if he feared the British Prime Minister would throw the "DUP under a bus" in the months ahead.

The East Derry MP said: "It's not a matter of trust. I don't have to trust Boris and Boris doesn't have to trust us. What we do have to do is do business with each other."

The senior DUP figure made the comments during a panel discussion at Féile an Phobail on the Falls Road in West Belfast.

He argued that the confidence and supply arrangement between the DUP and the Conservative Party had yielded an extra £1 billion for the North.

"And the difference that we have with others is that the business that we do brings benefit to every single person in this room. Every single person in this room...I'll take a billion criticisms but everybody benefited and unlike others that sit here and lambast and criticise, and, you know, people can criticise all they like and lambast all they like, that deal was done to benefit everyone and if we get in a position where we can do it again we'll do it again and if we can't, we won't. But we'll do whatever deal we have to do for the benefit of everybody," he said.

Mr. Campbell was asked if he feared Mr. Johnson might "throw the DUP under the red bus".

He replied: "We're under no illusion, and some people seem to think because we had a confidence and supply deal that that in some way binds us into accepting everything that the Conservative Party want. We never did that in the past and we don't do it now and post any future election we won't do it then either."

He also addressed speculation that Mr. Johnson may be inclined to restrict the backstop to the North, thus creating a de facto border in the Irish Sea, in order to secure a Brexit deal with the European Union.

"We wouldn't accept that. Let's see what he tries to implement. If he tries to implement it. Let's see if he'll risk what Theresa May risked with the possible outcome and consequences that she faced."