Video: IRSP calls for unity poll at Derry hunger strike demo

Anthony Vesey delivering address.
Anthony Vesey delivering address.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party reiterated its support for a border poll at its hunger strike commemoration in Derry at the weekend.

Speaking at the INLA plot in the City Cemetery the Mayo-based republican socialist Anthony Vesey said such a referendum was winnable in the short-term.

Two years ago the anti-Good Friday Agreement party formally committed to a poll, despite it being provided for by the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Mr. Vesey said: “The IRSP have always taken a pragmatic approach to the electoral system. We’ve always looked at circumstances at any given time and analysed the pros and cons of taking part.

“We have done this many times without ever diluting our revolutionary principles. We have backed the ‘Yes for Unity’ campaign on similar grounds.

"There is a mechanism for a border poll within current legislation in the North. ‘Yes for Unity’ intends to build its campaign to eventually force the British to call a border poll,” he said.

Mr. Vesey told supporters who had gathered in the City Cemetery to remember the hunger strikers, and the INLA members Patsy O’Hara, Mickey Devine and Kevin Lynch in particular, that a poll could be won.

“With changing demographics and attitudes this is a very winnable proposition and we could see the break up of a so-called United Kingdom within a generation.

“This is a very real possibility but one that can only happen with maximum participation and we will urge everyone to get involved,” he declared.

Anthony Vesey delivering address.