Video: Martina Anderson says Stormont will ‘never, ever return’ if unionists get Brexit veto

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has told MEPs that if the British Government provides unionists with a veto of the new Brexit withdrawal agreement Stormont will ‘never, ever return.’

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 6:20 pm

She was speaking at the European Parliament on Tuesday during a discussion of the outcome of the European Council meeting of last week after which the new deal was announced.

“So we hope we have avoided a ‘No Deal,’” Ms. Anderson told colleagues.

“But it is still Brexit for the North of Ireland. It’s a messy and an ugly compromise, and if the British mess further and ultimately give a unionist consent veto, there will never, ever again, be a Stormont Assembly,” she warned.

The Derry MEP said the new deal mitigated “the worst damage of Brexit” and avoided “a harder border in Ireland”. “It avoids customs posts and we have a common EU VAT regime, a special status of sorts, now that’s important.

“But cows and sheep get EU standards, whereas people get potentially lower British standards – on workers’ rights, consumer rights, environmental protection – no level playing field. Now that’s damaging.

“We’re allowed to hang around the EU house, but it’s still only a half-way house. People want the real thing. Irish unity is the agreed way forward for the people back into the EU.

“This House should recognise that. This House should act to facilitate that, and this House should plan and prepare for Irish Unity and not be asleep at the wheel,” she said.