Why was BNP leader at Ulster Covenant event? - Anderson

Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin

Derry politician Martina Anderson has challenged the Orange Order over the presence of BNP leader Nick Griffin at Saturday’s Ulster Covenant parade.

Mr Griffin is also under investigation by the PSNI after using a derogatory term about Catholics on social media site Twitter, police have confirmed.

Speaking on Sunday Ms Anderson, a Sinn Fein MEP, said the Orange Order should explain why Mr Griffin was there and to disassociate themselves from the BNP leader’s tweet.

“Let the Orange Order now come out publicly and explain the presence of the BNP at the event and if it was an oversight why they were not removed from Stormont during the proceedings and let them publicly disassociate themselves from Griffin’s twitter comments,” she said.

A spokesman for the Orange Order said the event was open to the public and Mr Griffin was not their guest.