Window replacement scheme within weeks

Tony Hassan with the new windows.
Tony Hassan with the new windows.

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has welcomed confirmation that the Housing Executive in that a window replacement scheme in Carnhill will now go ahead at the end of March.

Councillor Hassan said he had received confirmation from the manager of the Executive in Derry that the scheme would now go ahead.

He said: “I have now been informed that this work will now go ahead on the 26th of March and the work will run for a few months.

“I have also been told that a kitchen refurbishment scheme will also take place in the coming weeks.

“The residents of Carnhill have waited over three years for these replacement schemes to be carried out.

“I very much welcome the Housing Executive decision to complete this work in the coming months.”

Independent Derry City and Strabane District Councillor Dee Quigley meanwhile recently welcomed news that windows in the Fergleen park area of Galliagh are also expected to be upgraded soon.

Colr. Quigley said: “I have been working with the residents of Fergleen for some time about getting there houses updated.

“We welcomed the news of refurbishment of the windows to an upgrade. It’s long overdue.

“I would also be hopeful on the upgrading of the kitchens in Fergleen in the near future.”

Colr. Quigley added that such refurbishment schemes in housing estates across Derry were very important for residents.

He said this was especially true in cases where “windows are drafty and peoples money on oil to heat there homes is literally going out the window in some cases”.

He added that he also hoped to see efforts being progressed which would result in gas being installed in the Fergleen Park area in the near future.